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Noolab Orthotics & Bracing

2783 King St E, Hamilton, Ontario, L8G 1J3


65 reviews


Kendall Blackwell

Wison, NC

Highest Quality​

My practice has been very pleased with Noolab Orthotics & Bracing. Turn around time is excellent, their orthoses are of the highest quality and their digital scanning capabilities with my iPad make casting a breeze.


Chris Seat

Oklahoma City, OK

Excellent Experience

We have used Noolab since our practice opened and have had an excellent experience. They have an outstanding product at a good price, they are very knowledgable, and their customer service and support are outstanding.


Tricia Mougey

Plymouth, NH

Amazing Company

The staff at Noolab is very helpful, and the program scanning is so easy. Our patients are very happy. In short, happy patients and easy scanning of feet make all our days terrific. Thank you for being such an amazing company.

We offer free case consultations. Just call in and speak to one of our specialists, and we will do our best to help you with any questions you may have.


Heather Duffy

Glendale, AZ

Absolute Ease

We just recently switched to Noolab Orthotics & Bracing and I cannot express the instant relief we have had when it comes to ordering orthotics, how fast we get them, the constant communication, and the absolute ease of the entire process.


Kim Berlin

Baldwin, NY

Very Pleased

We have been using Noolab for a few years now and are very pleased with the quality of the orthotics, the selection, and the fees. We scan electronically and receive their orthotics quickly, and their customer service is exceptional.


Paul Valenza

Kerrville, TX

Impressive & Professional​

I've been with them for 2 years now. Top-notch quality from top to bottom, and the finished products are functionally and visually extremely impressive. Staff and lab personnel are knowledgeable, professional and great to work with.

Discover why Noolab is the fastest growing orthotic lab in the nation. Give us a call today: (905) 906-8265


Jay Mickenberg

Pasadena, MD

Extremely Satisfied

I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their product, cost, and turn around time. I really like their graphite and Performance RX™ product, very thin and light. They really go out of their way to make you happy.


Mary Ann Bender

Oak Park, IL

On Your Side

I have been using this company for the last few years, and I am very satisfied with the excellent customer service. As a small practice owner, it is good to feel like your orthotic company is actually on your side and trying to help!


Kennedy Legal

Dallas, TX

What's Not to Like?​

With Noolab's scanning system there's no more boxes, no more shipping labels, no more casting supplies! And turn around time is cut in half. What's not to like? I was so impressed I've also gotten a colleague to switch as well.

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